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Latest eGroupware release...
"Finally, after many months of development or thousands of hours development, the eGroupWare developer team is proud to announce eGroupware 1.0"...Please contact ositsolutions for more details.
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eGroupware is a web based suite of applications that provides companies with a cost effective way manage their people, time, and resources. It contains a wide array of applictions to suit your business needs.

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"Never worked with a more professional and honest group of guys.  Thanks for getting our site up as quickly as you did."
Alan H. CFO

What is Open Source and how can it benefit my company?
"A method and philosophy for software licensing and distribution designed to encourage use and improvement of software written by volunteers by ensuring that anyone can copy the source code and modify it freely.". In plain English, Open source applications can provide your company with a solid, cost effective solution to meet your company needs.   Don't throw away hard earned money on software that cannot be customized to work for you just because that is the norm. 
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The great thing about open source applications is the amount of flexibility they offer. We can work with you on putting together the right application that fits into your business environment.




We offer many forms of training to bring your company up to speed when using open source applications. Since the applications are free, there is often very limited documentation and user support. That's where are company comes in.

Based on the package that you select, we offer a wide variety of support options. Browse through the Package page and pick the one that meets your needs.
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