eGroupware     vs      Microsoft Exchange

Applications eGroupware Microsoft Exchange Description
Group Calendar x x Shared Group Calendar
Email x x Email Viewer
Global Address Books x x Shared Global Address Book
Trouble Ticket System x   Ticket System
Messaging x x Messaging System
File Management x x File Manager to share files
Support for Outlook Coming Soon! x Works Natively with Outlook
To-Do list x x Shared To-Do/Task List
Forum x   Forum for questions
Project Tracking x x Custom Project Tracking
Bookmarks x   Shared Bookmarks
Stock Quotes x   Stock quote tracker
Customizable Knowledge Base x   Knowledge base to share documents
Headline News x   Latest News (Internal/External)
Notify Window x   Email Notifier
Cost eGroupware Microsoft Exchange Description
Server Software 0$ $800 (Includes 5 CAL) Avg. Cost
CAL (Client Access Licenses) 0$ Approx. $75 each additional license Avg. Cost
Hardware 0$ Approx. $1500  Varies by company
Setup Fee $350 - One Time Fee Price Depends on Hourly cost Varies by company
Time to Setup < 1day Up to a week Varies by company
Monthy Maintenance/Support As low as $49.99..see details Up to $100/Hr Varies by company
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