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Latest eGroupware release...
"Finally, after many months of development or thousands of hours development, the eGroupWare developer team is proud to announce eGroupware 1.0"...Please contact ositsolutions for more details.
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Featurerd Application:

eGroupware is a web based suite of applications that provides companies with a cost effective way manage their people, time, and resources. It contains a wide array of applictions to suit your business needs.

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Why spend the money on software and licensing when you don't have to??
- Our company will show you the many Open Source alternatives out there that can be customized to meet your business needs.  We will work with your company to find a solution that fits into your budget as well as meeting all of your needs.
Don't take the risk!!!
By using unlicensed closed source applications in your business environment, you are taking a big legal and financial risk. Most companies don't realize the implications of being caught using software the you are not legally licensed for.  It can be a very costly mistake.  Don't let that happen to your up and coming orginization. Let us provide you with a cost effective open source solution!

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